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SSC Combined Graduate Level (Tier I) Examination 2012 General Awareness Solved Question Paper

1. Earth is a very big magnet. In which direction does its magnetic field extend? (A) east to west (B) west to east 
(C) north to south (D) south to north (Ans : C)

2. Which of the following is meant for the ex-situ conservation of various species? (A) Herbarium (B) Sperm bank 
(C) Blood bank (D) Germplasm bank (Ans : D)

3. Drying oils contain a fairly large proportion of– (A) Saturated fatty acids (B) Unsaturated fatty acids 
(C) Fats (D) Proteins (Ans : B)

4. Human Development Index was formulated by– (A) UNCTAD (B) ASEAN 
(C) IBRD (D) UNDP (Ans : D)

5. The infective stage of Malaria is– (A) Merozoite (B) Gametocyte 
(C) Ring stage (D) Sporozoite (Ans : D)

6. Who said that the Directive Principles of State Policy are just like "a cheque on bank payable at the convenience of the bank". (A) N.G. Ranga (B) Pandit Nehru 
(C) KT. Shah (D) B.R. Ambedkar (Ans : C)

7. Consumption for the sake of enjoying social acknowledgement is called– (A) Demonstration consumption (B) Rational consumption 
(C) Social consumption (D) Conspicuous consumption (Ans : D)

8. The red, orange and yellow colours of leaves are due to– (A) Lignins (B) Carotenoids 
(C) Aldehydes (D) Tannins (Ans : B)

9. The state which has registered the highest population growth rate according to 2001 Census is– (A) Sikkim (B) Kerala 
(C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Nagaland (Ans : D)

10. Torah is the sacred book of– (A) Judaism (B) Zoroastrianism 
(C) Confucianism (D) Taoism (Ans : A)

11. Pyroligneous acid obtained from wood contains– (A) 10% ethanol (B) 10% Formaldehyde 
(C) 10% Acetic acid (D) 10% Formic acid (Ans : C)

12. The treaty of Versailles restored Alsace-Lorraine to– (A) Belgium (B) Italy 
(C) Britain (D) France (Ans : D)

13. The seat of Kerala High Court is located at– (A) Ernakulam (B) Kottayam 
(C) Thiruvananthapuram (D) Kollam (Ans : A)

14. Polar-bears hold cures for– (A) Kidney failure (B) Type II diabetes 
(C) Osteoporosis (D) Breast cancer (Ans : B)

15. India is making 'Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements' (DTAA) with other countries for the promotion of– (A) Foreign institutional investment (B) Bilateral trade 
(C) External commercial borrowings (D) Foreign direct investments (Ans : B)

16. Low cost housing is an example for– (A) Merit wants (B) Mixed wants 
(C) Social wants (D) Private wants (Ans : C)

17. The disease that kills more people than lung cancer as a consequence of air pollution is– (A) heart attack (B) chronic bronchitis 
(C) asthma (D) emphesema (Ans : D)

18. Peninsular India has the following zonal soil types– (A) Alluvial soil (B) Red and yellow soil 
(C) Forest soil (D) Saline soil (Ans : B)

19. Mamta Sharma was appointed in 2011 as the Chairperson of– (A) National Commission for BCs (B) National Commission for Minorities 
(C) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (D) National Commission for Women (Ans : D)

20. "Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" is the guiding principle of–(A) Reformative theory of Justice (B) Attributive theory of Justice 
(C) Retributive theory of Justice (D) Deterrent theory of Justice (Ans : C)

21. The proposal for the creation of new All-India Services can be considered only– (A) if majority of State Legislatures make such demand 
(B) if Lok Sabha passes a resolution by two-thirds majority 
(C) if the Rajya Sabha passes a resolution by two-thirds majority 
(D) None of the above (Ans : C)

22. The Asokan Edicts were deciphered first by– (A) James Prinsep (B) Sir John Marshall 
(C) Sir William Jones (D) Charles Wilkins (Ans : A)

23. An algae type ocean deposit is– (A) Pelagic deposits (B) Neritic remains 
(C) Diatom ooze (D) Pteropod ooze (Ans : C)

24. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ? (A) Gypsum - calcium hydroxide (B) Milk of lime - sodium sulphate 
(C) Glauber's salt - calcium sulphate (D) Salt petre - potassium nitrate (Ans : D)

25. Which is not a correct statement? (A) Dilute solutions contain less amount of solute (B) Phenols are acidic 
(C) In benzene all the atoms lie in one plane (D) Methylated spirit contains only methanol (Ans : D)

26. The most densely populated state in India is– (A) Tamil adu (B) Kerala 
(C) Uttar Pradesh (D) West Bengal (Ans : D)

27. The first Speaker of Lok Sabha was– (A) G.V Mavlankar (B) S. Radhakrishnan 
(C) M. Ananthasayanam Ayyangar (D) Sardar Hukam Singh (Ans : A)

28. Who was the teacher of Gautama Buddha? (A) Patanjali (B) Panini 
(C) Alara Kalama (D) Kapila (Ans : C)

29. Which bank was the first to introduce ATMs to the world? (A) Citi Bank (B) Hong Kong Bank 
(C) Standard Chartered Bank (D) Bank of America (Ans : A)

30. Which colour/ colours of light has the highest velocity through vacuum ? (A) Blue (B) Red 
(C) Green (D) All of these (Ans : D)

31. The 98th Indian Science Congress was held in 2011 at– (A) Bhubaneswar (B) Bengaluru 
(C) Bhopal (D) Chennai (Ans : D)

32. The 34th National Games were held in 2011 in– (A) Jharkhand (B) Uttarakhand 
(C) Kerala (D) Karnataka (Ans : A)

33. The iron and steel plant in Bihar is at– (A) Vijay Nagar (B) Visakhapatnam 
(C) Bokaro (D) Burnpur (Ans : C)

34. The ultimate source of energy in a hydroelectric power station is– (A) the electro-chemical energy of water (B) solar energy 
(C) the potential energy of water (D) the kinetic energy of water (Ans : B)

35. Union Carbide India Ltd. manufactured essentially– (A) Leather goods (B) Heavy water 
(C) Petrochemicals (D) Fertilisers (Ans : C)

36. Photosynthetic vesicle found in bacteria is called a– (A) Pneumatophore (B) Mesosome 
(C) Chromatophore (D) Genophore (Ans : C)

37. What type of mirror is used in a view finding mirror of a vehicle? (A) Paraboloidal mirror (B) Convex mirror 
(C) Plane mirror (D) Concave mirror (Ans : B)

38. We receive sunlight on earth surface. What type of light beams are these ? (A) Diverging (B) Random 
(C) Parallel (D) Converging (Ans : C)

39. Who is the author of the book 'Pakistan : Beyond the Crisis State' ? (A) M.J. Akbar (B) Khuram Iqbal 
(C) Maleeha Lodhi (D) Arnir Mir (Ans : C)

40. The biggest planet in the solar system is– (A) Uranus (B) Venus 
(C) Jupiter (D) Saturn (Ans : C)

41. The authority to specify which castes shall be deemed to be Scheduled Castes rests with the– (A) Governor (B) Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes 
(C) Prime Minister (D) President (Ans : D)

42. Ram Sharan Sharma, who died in 2011 was an eminent– (A) Archaeologist (B) Chemist 
(C) Economist (D) Indologist (Ans : D)

43. Of the following economists, whom do you consider to be the Master of "Partial Analysis" ? (A) Lionel Robbins (B) Leon Walras 
(C) Alfred Marshall (D) J.M. Keynes (Ans : C)

44. Brain drain has been caused by– (A) socio-economic instability. (B) failure to recognise talent in the originating country. 
(C) the lure of high living standards. (D) lack of employment opportunities. (Ans : D)

45. What is m-commerce ? (A) marketing commerce (B) machine commerce 
(C) mobile commerce (D) money commerce (Ans : C)

46. The study of population is known as– (A) Hydrology (B) Demography 
(C) Climatology (D) Petrology (Ans : B)

47. The prose collection of the vedic poems are– (A) Brahmanas (B) Samhitas 
(C) Upanishads (D) Aranyakas (Ans : B)

48. A plant known only in cultivation having arisen under domestication is referred to as– (A) Clone (B) Scion 
(C) Cultigen (D) Cultivar (Ans : C)

49. Who favoured the Artic Home theory of the Aryans ? (A) Jacobi (B) Pargiter 
(C) A.C. Das (D) B.G. Tilak (Ans : D)

50. Wheat, Barley, Lemon, Orange, rye, and peamillet belong to– (A) four plant families (B) the same plant family 
(C) two plant families (D) three plant families (Ans : C)

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S.S.C. Combined Graduate Level Re-Exam., 2013 (1st Shift) General Awareness Solved Paper (Exam Held on 20-07-2014)

1. Which of the following is not a nitrogenous fertilizer? 
(A) Ammonium sulphate (B) Urea 
(C) Ammonium nitrate (D) Super phosphate (Ans : D)

2. CaC2 on treatment with water gives– 
(A) Methane (B) Ethane (C) Ethylene (D) Acetylene (Ans : D)

3. The ‘fine respiratory particles’ which deteriorate air quality for breathing by human beings are categorized as– 
(A) PM 0.0 (B) PM 2.5 (C) PM 8.5 (D) PM 10.0 (Ans : B)

4. The snow leopard population is found in– 
(A) Sikkim (B) Assam (C) Mizoram (D) Manipur (Ans : A)

5. Total interacting animals and plants in any well defined area is known as– 
(A) Population (B) Biome (C) Community (D) Species (Ans : B)

6. ‘IPCC’ stands for– 
(A) Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (B) Indian Panel on Climate Change 
(C) International Policy on Climate Change (D) Indian Policy on Climate Control (Ans : A)

7. In Bollywood, the actress popularly known as ‘Dream Girl’ is– 
(A) Zeenat Aman (B) Rakhi Sawant (C) Helen (D) Hema Malini (Ans : D)

8. The most healthy edible oil for heart is– 
(A) Butter oil (B) Olive oil (C) Rape-seed oil (D) Mustard oil (Ans : B)

9. Telengana creation as in independent state is primarily the outcome of– 
(A) 13th Lok Sabha (B) 14th Lok Sabha (C) 15th Lok Sabha (D) 16th Lok Sabha (Ans : C)

10. Which of the followings is not correct? 
(A) SIT -Special Intelligence Team (B) CNG -Compressed Natural Gas 
(C) NGT -National Green Tribunal (D) KYC -Know Your Customer (Ans : A)

11. World’s tallest women record is up to 7ft. and 8 inches from– 
(A) U.S.A. (B) China (C) Pakistan (D) Italy (Ans : B)

12. Who was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress? 
(A) Annie Besant (B) Sarojini Naidu (C) Vijaylakshmi Pandit (D) Kadambani Ganguli (Ans : A)

13. ICMR is the abbreviation for– 
(A) International Council for Malarial Research (B) Indian Council of Medical Research 
(C) International Council of Medical Research (D) Indian Council of Microbial Research (Ans : B)

14. Rubber is a product of– 
(A) Fibre (B) Latex (C) Resin (D) Gum (Ans : B)

15. The first indigenous silent feature film (released on May 3, 1913) was called– 
(A) AlamAra (B) Raja Harishchandra 
(C) Bhakta Prahlad (D) Mother India (Ans : B)

16. The book entitled ‘Spell of the Tiger’ is written by– 
(A) Jim Corbett (B) Valmik Thapar (C) Sy Montgomery (D) Atul Sethi (Ans : C)

17. In the long run the fixed costs become– 
(A) Money costs (B) Real costs (C) Opportunity costs (D) Variable costs (Ans : D)

18. Increase in cash reserve ratio leads to– 
(A) increase in bank credit (B) decrease in bank credit 
(C) constant bank credit (D) excess bank credit (Ans : B)

19. The food corporation of India was established in the year– 
(A) 1965 (B) 1966 (C) 1967 (D) 1955 (Ans : A)

20. The Phillip’s curve is the schedule showing the relationship between– 
(A) aggregate supply and demand (B) total saving and investment 
(C) the rate of unemployment and rate of inflation (D) demand for and supply of loanable funds (Ans : C)

21. A firm practising price discrimination will be– 
(A) charging different prices for different qualities of a product (B) buying in the cheapest and selling in the dearest markets
(C) charging different prices in different markets for a product (D) buying only from firms selling in bulk at a distance (Ans : C)

22. Fascism believed in leadership of– 
(A) Feudals (B) Working classes (C) Political elites (D) Oneman (Ans : D)

23. The parliament is empowered to make laws on any subject of the state list during– 
(A) Election (B) War (C) Agitation (D) Emergency (Ans : D)

24. Rule of law prevails in– 
(A) Dictatorship (B) Aristocracy (C) Democracy (D) Oligarchy (Ans : C)

25. Which of the following feature of Indian constitution was borrowed from U.S.A. ? 
(A) Rule of law (B) Fundamental Right 
(C) Rigid Constitution (D) Directive principles of state policy (Ans : B)

26. Term of office of the President of U.S.A.– 
(A) 6 years (B) 5 years (C) 4 years (D) 7 years (Ans : C)

27. When and where was the All India Kisan Sabha formed? 
(A) 1935 - Bombay (B) 1942 - Kanpur (C) 1938 - Calcutta (D) 1936 - Lucknow (Ans : D)

28. Who was the founder of the City of Agra? 
(A) Ala-ud-din Khalji (B) Muhammad Tughlaq (C) Firoz Tughlaq (D) Sikandar Lodi (Ans : D)

29. When did the British make English the medium of instruction in India ? 
(A) 1813 (B) 1833(C) 1835 (D) 1844 (Ans : C)

30. Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at– 
(A) Sarnath in U.P. (B) Bodha-Gaya in Bihar (C) Nalanda in Bihar (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

31. What is the meaning of the word ‘Sangam’ in the Sangam Age? 
(A) Royal Court (B) Assembly of poets (C) Assembly of religious leaders (D) Meeting of rivers (Ans : B)

32. Ivory coast is located in– 
(A) South Africa (B) North America (C) West Africa (D) South America (Ans : C)

33. Seasonal migration of people is known as– 
(A) Pastoralism (B) Nomadism (C) Intra migration (D) Transhurnance (Ans : D)

34. The country with the world’s largest natural gas reserves is– 
(A) Saudi Arabia (B) Kuwait (C) Russia (D) United States of America (Ans : C)

35. Which of the following lakes is situated on the West Coast of India? 
(A) Astamudi (B) Chilka (C) Pulicat (D) Kolleru (Ans : A)

36. GIS stands for– 
(A) Geographical Integrated System (B) Geographical Information System 
(C) Geometrical Integrated System (D) General Immunity System (Ans : B)

37. National AIDS research Institute is at– 
(A) Chennai (B) New Delhi (C) Murnbai (D) Pune (Ans : D)

38. A contemporary of Charles Darwin who came to the same conclusion in the matter of organic evolution was– 
(A) Jean Baptist Lamarck (B) Thomas Huxley 
(C) Alfred Russel Wallace (D) Franklin Benjamin (Ans : C)

39. Ink is prepared from– 
(A) Dye (B) Tannin (C) Starch (D) Latex (Ans : A)

40. Formic acid is produced by– 
(A) White ants (B) Cockroaches (C) Red ants (D) Mosquitoes (Ans : C)

41. Casuarina is a– 
(A) Hydrophyte (B) Mesophyte (C) Xerophyte (D) Epiphyte (Ans : C)

42. Male mosquitoes take their food from– 
(A) The human blood (B) The standing water 
(C) The sap of plants (D) The dung and other debris (Ans : C)

43. Radio Carbon Dating is used to estimate the age of– 
(A) Soil (B) Monuments (C) Fossils (D) Rocks (Ans : C)

44. According to kinetic theory of gases, at the temperature of absolute zero, the gas molecules– 
(A) Start movement (B) Become massless (C) Start emitting light (D) Stop movement (Ans : D)

45. The nuclear force is– 
(A) Short range repulsive force (B) Short range attractive force 
(C) Long range repulsive force (D) Long range attractive force (Ans : B)

46. A satellite in vacuum– 
(A) Is kept in orbit by remote control (B) Is kept in orbit by retro-rocket 
(C) Derives energy from gravitational field (D) Does not require any energy for orbiting (Ans : D)

47. Unsorted transaction that can be used to immediately update a database is called is– 
(A) Direct database access (B) Sequential database access 
(C) Alternate database access (D) Instance database access (Ans : D)

48. Which of the following number is not correctly written? 
(A) 1018 (B) 1012 (C) 1A12 (D) ABC16 (Ans : C)

49. Chemical decomposition of an organic compound by water is called as– 
(A) Hydrogenation (B) Hydration (C) Hydrolysis (D) All of these (Ans : C)

50. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 
(A) Vitamin B-Pyridoxine (B) Vitamin C-Ascorbic acid 
(C) Vitamin E-Alphatocopherol (D) Vitamin D-Sunshine (Ans : D)

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SSC Recruitment 2015 is recruiting 2902 Vacancies for SI, Assistant SI Posts. SSC SI, Assistant SI Recruitment

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has issued the Notification for SSC Recruitment 2015 is recruiting 2902 Vacancies for SI, Assistant SI Posts. SSC SI, Assistant SI Recruitment 2015 for Interested and eligible candidates these Vacancies may apply Online from Official website at using the application fill the details with mandatory documents sending the given address–
Location : Across India
Vacancies : (Total : 2902 Posts)

Vacancy of Sub Inspector in CAPFs : 1706 Posts
Vacancy of ASI in CISF : 1101 Posts
Vacancy of S.I. (Executive) – Male in Delhi Police : 95 Posts

Post Code (Preference for Post may be indicated in Application Form )
A. Sub Inspector in Delhi Police
B Sub Inspector in Border Security Force (BSF)
C Sub- Inspector in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
D Sub-Inspector in Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
E Sub- Inspector in Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBPF)
F Sub Inspector in Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)
G Assistant Sub-Inspector in Central Industrial Security Force(CISF)

Qualification : Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or equivalent (as on 01.01.2015)

Salary Information:
Sub-Inspector in CAPFs (Central Armed Police Forces) – – Selected candidate pay the salary Rs. 9300-34800/- with Grade pay Rs. 4200/-.
Sub Inspector (Executive-Male) in Delhi Police – – Selected candidate pay the salary Rs. 9300-34800/- with Grade pay Rs. 4200/-.
Assistant Sub-Inspector in CISF – – Selected candidate pay the salary Rs. 5200-20200/- with Grade pay Rs. 2800/-.

Age Limit : for the post of Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police & CAPFs and Assistant Sub-Inspector in CISF is 20-25 years.

Selection Process: Candidate Selection Process Selected based on the based on written test, PET/Medical examination and interview.

Important Dates: Part-I Registration: Up to 5.00 PM on 26-04-2015
Part-II Registration: Up to 5.00 PM on 28-04-2015
Examination Date: 21-06-2015

How To Apply: 
Interested and eligible candidates apply this post before Read the SSC Recruitment Notification Carefully and apply Online using the Official Website fill the details sends on before 25th April 2015.

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S.S.C. Combined Graduate Level [Tier-I (2nd Shift)] Exam. 2014 (Exam Held on 26-10-2014)

General Awareness 
1. Economic growth refers to– 
(A) Prevention of concentration of wealth 
(B) Continuous growth of national income for at least two years 
(C) Continuous growth of per capita real income over a period of time in an economy 
(D) Continuous growth of agriculture sector 
(Ans : C)
2. Which of the following statements is incorrect ? 
(A) The central problem of an economy is the problem of allocation of resources 
(B) Economy faces the problem of utilisation of resources 
(C) Economy faces the problem of growth of resources 
(D) Economy faces the problem of excess of resources 
(Ans : B)
3. In the case of direct taxes, the payment liability and the ultimate burden of the tax lies 
(A) The person on whom it has been imposed 
(B) The person on whom it has not been imposed 
(C) The tax department who collects the taxes 
(D) Both on whom it has been imposed and on whom it is not imposed 
(Ans : A)
4. Interest paid to a bank for a crop loan is– 
(A) A transfer payment (B) A factor payment (C) Capital formation (D) Intermediate consumption (Ans : B)
5. If only a part of the labour force employed by a firm can be dismissed at any time and without pay, the total wages and salaries paid by the firm must be considered– 
(A) A variable cost (B) A fixed coast (C) Partly a fixed and partly a variable cost (D) Neither a fixed cost nor a variable cost 
(Ans : C)
6. Members of the Union Public Service Commission are appointed by the– 
(A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) Chief Justice (D) Law Minister (Ans : A)
7. Who said, "A state is known by the rights that it maintains" ? 
(A) Laski (B) Maclver (C) J. S. Mill (D) Machiavelli 
(Ans : A)
8. Which of the following systems is based on the principle of surplus value? 
(A) Capitalism (B) Individualism (C) Idealism (D) Communism 
(Ans : A)
9. Which of the following provides Representative Government? 
(A) Indirect Democracy 
(B) Direct Democracy 
(C) Democracy 
(D) Presidential form of Government 
(Ans : A)
10. What is the main duty of the Legislature? 
(A) Enacting laws 
(B) Implementing judicial matters 
(C) Implementing laws
 (D) Central administration 
(Ans : A)
11. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at– 
(A) Pataliputra (B) Ujjain (C) Sravanabelgola (D) Kashi 
(Ans : C)
12. Buddha died in the year– 
(A) 438 BC (B) 453 BC (C) 468 BC (D) 483 BC 
(Ans : D)
13. The new name of Burma is Myanmar and its capital is– 
(A) Arakan (B) Rangoon (C) Ava (D) Naypyidaw 
(Ans : D)
14. The famous Jain centre in South India is located at– 
(A) Kanchi (B) Madurai (C) Sravanabelgola (D) Rameshwaram 
(Ans : C)
15. The Asokan Inscriptions were engraved in which script? 
(A) Brahrni (B) Pali (C) Devanagari script (D) Magadhi 
(Ans : A)
16. Which of the following lakes is called 'Honeymoon Lake' ? 
(A) Chad (B) Titicaca (C) Toba (D) Nyasa 
(Ans : B)
17. Harmattan blows in Sahara desert from– 
(A) East to West (B) West to East (C) North to South (D) South to North 
(Ans : A)
18. The busiest ocean from the point of view of trade is– 
(A) Pacific Ocean (B) Indian Ocean (C) Atlantic Ocean (D) Arctic Ocean 
(Ans : C)
19. The forest in Silent Valley of Kerala is an example of– 
(A) Deciduous forest 
(B) Tropical rainforest 
(C) Alpine coniferous forest 
(D) Mangrove forest 
(Ans : B)
20. Annaimudi peak is located in the– 
(A) Eastern Ghats (B) Nilgiri hills (C) Palni hills (D) Sahyadri 
(Ans : D)
21. Commercially important cotton fibres are– 
(A) Epidermal hairs of seeds 
(B) Woody fibres of roots 
(C) Phloem fibres of roots 
(D) Bark fibres of stems 
(Ans : A)
22. A member of Liliaceae that shows reticulate venation is– 
(A) Scilla (B) Smilax (C) Aloe (D) Allium 
(Ans : B)
23. Euphenics is– 
(A) Manipulation of genes 
(B) Improvement of race 
(C) Study of conditions affecting organisms 
(D) Treatment of defective heredity through genetic engineering 
(Ans : D)
24. Araneology is– 
(A) Rearing of bees (B) Study of aphids (C) Study of spiders (D) Study of mites 
(Ans : C)
25. What does 'Corpus luteum' secrete? 
(A) Testosterone (B) Estrogen (C) Haemoglobin (D) Progesterone 
(Ans : D)
26. The male sex hormone is– 
(A) Estrogen (B) Testosterone (C) Insulin (D) Progesterone 
(Ans : B)
27. The total energy of an electron inside an atom is– 
(A) Zero (B) More than zero (C) Less than zero (D) Infinite 
(Ans : C)
28. The velocity of light is– 
(A) 3 × 108 km/sec (B) 3 × 108 miles / see (C) 3 × 108 em/see (D) 3 × 108 m/sec 
(Ans : D)
29. A seconds pendulum is a pendulum whose time period is– 
(A) 4 seconds (B) 3 seconds (C) 2 seconds (D) 1 second 
(Ans : C)
30. A jug is filled to the brim with water at 0°C. A piece of ice floats in it. The moment the ice melts– 
(A) Water level increases 
(B) Water level decreases 
(C) Water level is unchanged 
(D) Water spills out of the jug 
(Ans : A)
31. Herman Hollerith had perfected his tabulating system and developed a machine called– 
(A) Tabulation Engine (B) Analytical Engine (C) Census Tabulator (D) None of the above (Ans : A)
32. DBMS used for building computer applications stands for– 
(A) Database Machine System (B) Database Maintenance System (C) Database Management System (D) Database Micro System 
(Ans : C)
33. Iodine test is used to detect– 
(A) Carbohydrate (B) Protein (C) Fat (D) Cholesterol 
(Ans : A)
34. Which of the following is used in pencils? 
(A) Graphite (B) Sulphur (C) Phosphorus (D) Charcoal 
(Ans : A)
35. The branch of medicine involving synthetic chemical compounds is– 
(A) Ayurveda (B) Allopathy (C) Homoeopathy (D) Unani 
(Ans : B)
36. The rusting of metal iron in air needs both– 
(A) Oxygen and moisture 
(B) Carbon dioxide and moisture 
(C) Water and paint 
(D) Oxygen and grease 
(Ans : A)
37. Aisenic problem in India is primarily due to– 
(A) Overexploitation of arseno-pyrite in the hinterland 
(B) Overexploitation of coal in Bihar and Bengal 
(C) Overexploitation of ground water in the affected areas 
(D) Overexploitation of surface water in the affected areas 
(Ans : C)
38. Acid rain is caused by– 
(A) CO and CO2 (B) SO2 and O2(C) SO2 and NO2 (D) NO2 and O2 
(Ans : C)
39. Absorption of water from cut ends of stems disproves the– 
(A) Theory of Capillarity 
(B) Cohesion-tension theory 
(C) Root pressure theory 
(D) Imbibitional pressure theory 
(Ans : C)
40. The loss of water in the form of water droplets is called– 
(A) Transpiration (B) Guttation (C) Evaporation (D) Bleeding 
(Ans : B)
4l. 'Vatsalya Mela' is annually or-ganisedin– 
(A) Bangalore (B) New Delhi (C) Bhopal (D) Chandigarh 
(Ans : B)
42. Who is the Director General of the BBC? 
(A) Jimmy Savile (B) George Entwistle (C) Karan Thapar (D) Tony Hall 
(Ans : D)
43. Who is Australia's High Com-missioner to India ? 
(A) M. P. Samuel (B) Peter Varghese (C) Patrick Suckling (D) Simon Tirkey 
(Ans : C)
44. Who was elected as the President of All India Football Federation? 
(A) Hardev Jadeja (B) Subrata Dutta (C) Shrinivas V. Dempo (D) Praful Patel 
(Ans : D)
45. Who took over as the Chairman of Tata Sons? 
(A) Shapoor Mistry (B) Ravikant (C) Cyrus Pallonji Mistry (D) Ratan Tata 
(Ans : C)
46. Who is the author of the book 'Romancing With Life' ? 
(A) Bill Clinton (B) Kapil Dev (C) Dev Anand (D) Shashi Tharoor 
(Ans : C)
47. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco? 
(A) Babur (B) Jahangir (C) Aurangzeb (D) Muhammad Shah 
(Ans : B)
48. A South Rajasthani tribe earning its living by song and dance is– 
(A) Moors (B) Khasis (C) Garasia (D) Mayas 
(Ans : C)
49. Hydrogen was discovered by– 
(A) Priestley (B) Boyle (C) Charles (D) Cavendish 
(Ans : D)
50. The biggest delta in the world is the– 
(A) Sicily Delta (B) Ganges Delta (C) Caspian Delta (D) Nippon Delta 
(Ans : B)