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S.S.C. Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Exam., 2014

General Awareness Solved Paper
(Held on 16-11-2014 : Second Shift)
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General Awareness Solved Paper
(Exam Held on 16-11-2014 : Second Shift)

Q. 1. Who became the Chief Minister of Tripura after the elections held in Feb. 2013 ?
(A) Agatha Sangama (B) Manik Sarkar (C) Ikram Obibi Singh (D) Prakash Karat (Ans : B)

Q. 2. RMSA means–
(A) Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (B) Rivers Management and Safety Authority
(C) Rashtriya Middle School Association (D) Recurring Modest Secured Account (Ans : A)

Q. 3. The centenary session of the India Science Congress was held in January 2013 in–
(A) Kolkata (B) Chennai (C) Mumbai (D) Ernakulam (Ans : A)

Q. 4. Who was elected as the new Chief Minister in Meghalaya after the assembly election in 2013 ?
(A) Mukul Sangma (B) D. D. Lapang (C) Salseng C. Marak (D) P. A. Sangma (Ans : A)

Q. 5. Who among the following was sworn in as Lokayukta of Rajasthan?
(A) Amitava Roy (B) Sajjan Singh Kothari (C) Vasundhara Raje (D) Mahipal Singh (Ans : B)

Q. 6. The birth place of an iconic personality, Amrita Sher-Gil, is–
(A) Hungary (B) India (C) Austria (D) Poland (Ans : A)

Q. 7. Which of the following is the world's largest mining port ?
(A) Nhavasheva (B) Hamilton (C) Hedland (D) Pardon (Ans : C)

Q. 8. Which of the following cities is the capital of the desert country Mali?
(A) Damascus (B) Bamako (C) Adra (D) Ankara (Ans : B)

Q. 9. The Queen of Netherlands who has relinquished the crown after 33 years on April 30, 2013 is–
(A) Willem (B) Beatrix (C) Alexander (D) Mary (Ans : B)

Q. 10. Which of the following scams rocked the European Union in February 2013 ?
(A) Beef (B) Meat (C) Horse meat (D) Weapons (Ans : A)

Q. 11. In the field of internet, www stands for–
(A) world wide wrestling (B) world wide web (C) world wide wordstar (D) world without wrestling (Ans : B)

Q. 12. Which application is used for accessing the information on internet?
(A) Operating system (B) Web browser (C) Microsoft word (D) System software (Ans : B)

Q. 13. Which of the following is responsible for permanent hardness of water?
(A) Magnesium bicarbonate (B) Sodium chloride (C) Calcium sulphate (D) Calcium bicarbonate (Ans : C)

Q. 14. Which one of the following elements is an example of noble gas?
(A) Nitrogen (B) Hydrogen (C) Chlorine (D) Helium (Ans : D)

Q. 15. Heavy water is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors. Heavy water is–
(A) water rich in minerals (B) ozonised water (C) water containing minerals of heavy metal (D) water containing heavy isotope of hydrogen (Ans : D)

Q. 16. Which of the following elements does not exhibit natural radioactivity?
(A) Uranium (B) Thorium (C) Aluminium (D) Polonium (Ans : C)

Q. 17. Study of atmospheric phenomena is called–
(A) Astrology (B) Meteorology (C) Seismology (D) Astronomy (Ans : B)

Q. 18. The secretariat of the convention on Biological Diversity Campaign was based in–
(A) London (B) Italy (C) Montreal (D) Toronto (Ans : C)

Q. 19. The Equator does not pass through which of the following countries?
(A) Kenya (B) Mexico (C) Indonesia (D) Brazil (Ans : B)

Q. 20. The majority of Earth's crust is composed of which rock?
(A) Igneous (B) Metamorphic (C) Sedimentary (D) Carbonate (Ans : C)

Q. 21. Bijapur is known for its–
(A) Severe drought condition (B) Gol Gumbaz (C) Heavy rainfall (D) Statue of Gomateshwara (Ans : B)

Q. 22. Who was a founder member of the Russian Populist Movement 'Anarchism' ?
(A) Mikhail Bakunin (B) Gorkhy (C) Leo Tolstoy (D) Turganev (Ans : A)

Q. 23. Who founded ‘The Gadar Party' in Sanfrancisco in the USA?
(A) Lala Hardayal (B) Lala Lajpat Rai (C) Ajit Singh (D) Bipin Chandra Paul (Ans : A)

Q. 24. The Supreme Court at Calcutta was established by–
(A) Regulating Act of 1773 (B) Pitts India Act of 1784 (C) Charter Act of 1793 (D) Charter Act of 1813 (Ans : A)

Q. 25. Who was the founder of Satya Shodak Sabha in Maharashtra ?
(A) Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar (B) Dr. Atmaram Pandurang (C) Gopal Baba Wala (D) Jyothiba Phule (Ans : D)

Q. 26. Which one of the-following rivers crosses the tropic of capricorn twice?
(A) Vaal (B) Limpopo (C) Nizer (D) Zambezi (Ans : B)

Q. 27. 'Willow' for a cricket bat is obtai- ned from–
(A) Tropical forests (B) Rain forests (C) Deciduous forests (D) Coniferous forests (Ans : C)

Q. 28. The longest river in Asia is–
(A) River Indus (B) River Yangtze (C) River Hwang Ho (D) River Ganga (Ans : B)

Q. 29. The darkest portion of the shadow cast during an eclipse–
(A) Corona (B) Umbra (C) Penumbra (D) Black hole (Ans : B)

Q. 30. The primary goal of planning for disastors is to reduce–
(A) Death (B) Damage (C) Risk (D) Vulnerability (Ans : B)

Q. 31. 'Linkage' was discovered by–
(A) Blakslee (B) Morgan (C) Muller (D) Bateson (Ans : D)

Q. 32. The book 'Genera Plantarium' was written by–
(A) Linnalus (B) Benthem and Hooker (C) Engler and Prantle (D) Hutchinson (Ans : A)

Q. 33. Sporangia bearing leaf of a fern is called as–
(A) Ramentum (B) Indusium (C) Sorus (D) Sporophyll (Ans : D)

Q. 34. 'Coralloid root' of Cycas helps in–
(A) Absorption of water (B) Absorption of water and fixation of Nitrogen (C) Anchorage (D) Transport of food (Ans : B)

Q. 35. Water conduction takes place in mosses through–
(A) Xylem and Phloem (B) Xylem (C) Collenchyma (D) Parenchyma (Ans : D)

Q. 36. Companion cells of phloem are found in–
(A) Gymnosperms (B) Bryophyta (C) Pteridophyta (D) Angiosperms (Ans : D)

Q. 37. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
(A) Velocity (B) Force (C) Angular momentum (D) Electrostatic potential (Ans : D)

Q. 38. Which of the following is not a vector quantity ?
(A) Speed (B) Velocity (C) Torque (D) Displacement (Ans : A)

Q. 39. An object with a constant speed–
(A) is not accelerated (B) might be accelerated (C) is always accelerated (D) also has a constant velocity (Ans : A)

Q. 40. A man in a train moving with a constant velocity drops a ball on the platform. The path of the ball as seen by an observer standing on the platform is–
(A) A straight line (B) A circle (C) A parabola (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

Q. 41. The Psychological law of consumption states that–
(A) proportionate increase in consumption is less than proportionate increase in income (B) increase in income is equal to increase in consumption
(C) increase in consumption is greater than increase in income (D) consumption does not change with a change in income (Ans : A)

Q. 42. Collective consumption means–
(A) household consumption (B) individual consumption (C) self-consumption (D) consumption by the citizens of the country (Ans : D)

Q. 43. Who defined 'Rent' as that portion or produce of the earth which is paid to the landlord for the use of original and indestructible power of the soil?
(A) Ricardo (B) Marshall (C) Keynes (D) Pigou (Ans : A)

Q. 44. Subsidies are payment by government to–
(A) Consuming units (B) Producing units (C) Banking units (D) Retired persons (Ans : B)

Q. 45. The profits of Indian-banks operating in foreign countries are a part of–
(A) income from entrepreneur-ship earned from abroad (B) domestic factor income of India
(C) profits of the enterprises working in domestic territory of India (D) operating surplus of the banks located in India (Ans : A)

Q. 46. The Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the–
(A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) Lok Sabha (D) Rajya Sabha (Ans : C)

Q. 47. The concept of Directive Principles of State Policy in Indian Constitution is adopted from that of–
(A) Ireland and Spain (B) US and UK (C) USSR and China (D) Japan and Korea (Ans : A)

Q. 48. Which among the following Act suggested for the post called as Comptroller and Auditor General?
(A) 1909 Act (B) 1919 Act (C) 1935 Act (D) 1947 Act (Ans : D)

Q. 49. Which was the first state to go to polls under the Delimitation?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Kerala (D) Karnataka (Ans : D)

Q. 50. Which among the following state has Vidhan Parishad ?
(A) Karnataka (B) Tamil Nadu (C) Kerala (D) Andhra Pradesh
Ans : (*Seven states have a Vidhan Parishad : Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.)

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Staff Selection Commission (SSC) in the United snatakastariya (first step) Examination (Exam Held on: 26-10-2014)

1. Who would touch the unit price elastic demand curve?
(A) the cost and outcome of both axis (B) neither the price nor the result of axis axis (C) the price axis (D) only result axis (Answer: A)

2. India has adopted a policy of non-alignment, which means Forms
(A) to be the power of the Third World (B) to choose their policies
(C) the power of factions neutrality (D) to bring world peace and harmony (Answer: C)

3. If the supply curve is a straight line passing through the origin, what is the price elasticity of supply?
(A) Unit at (B) very large (C) unit plus (D) unit equivalent (Answer: D)

4. According to the modern theory of 4 rent, rent is accrued in relation to whom?
(A) the capital (B) Any factor (C) only labor (D) the land (Answer: B)

5. The book is focused on macro-Arthshashtr 5. The author, who was studying?
(A) Pro. Samuelson (B) Pro. Jay. M. Keynes (C) Pro. Benhm (D) Pro. BAUMOL (Answer: B)

6. Which of the macroeconomy is the study of the problem?
(A) the production of income (B) Use of proceeds (C) income flow (D) distribution of income (Answer: C)

7. What is the number of subjects included in the federal list?
(A) 97 (B) 102 (C) 82 (D) 89 (Answer: A)

Paadiceri 8. Who was the governor of the French, who had tried to make the French company a powerful company?
(A) Thomas Arthur, Comte de Lally (B) Gudehu (C) La Burdune (D) Joseph Fraaswa Druple (Answer: D)

9. Who was the strongest Peshwa?
(A) Balaji Baji (B) Baji (C) Madhavrao (D) Balaji Vishwanath (Answer: A)

10. The goal of socialism-in Loktntriy
(A) bring socialism by peaceful means (B) violent and peaceful ways to bring socialism
(C) bring socialism violent ways (D) bring socialism to democratic methods (Answer: D)

11. Where there is a two-party Pdti?
(A) Russia (B) USA (C) India (D) France (Answer: B)

12. Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
(A) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (B) The Chairman of the Council (C) Prime Minister (D) President (Answer: D)

The mucous lining of the stomach empty folding 13. What are found?
(A) Taiflosol (B) Arioli (C) Rugi (D) Willie (Answer: C)

14. 1767-69. E. Hyder Ali fought between the British and the first Mysore War ended by whom?
(A) Paadiceri Treaty (B) Madras Treaty (C) Mysore Treaty (D) x-la-Shaipel Treaty (Answer: B)

15. The British government intervened in the affairs of the company and in 1773. E. passed an act, whose name had
(A) Regulatory Act (B) Pitt's India Act (C) Charter Act (D) Companies Act (Answer: A)

16. Which war Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah captured and Lamb?
(A) 1529 e. The skirt (B) 1539. E. chausa in (C) 1526. E. Panipat (D) 1527 e. The Knwah (Answer: B)

17. What is the soil of the most barren?
(A) black cotton soil (B) alluvial soil (C) Laterite (D) Pitym soil (Answer: D)

18. Find the following odd item Lgaaa-
(A) A gray stone (B) Marble (C) limestone (D) sandstone (Answer: A)

19. Which of the following is the lack of vegetation in the desert?
(A) large amounts of sand (B) soil strata in the absence of B- (C) high temperature (D) lack of rain (Answer: D)

20. Which of the following is added to the right?
(A) ravine-Sustri soil (B) Podjol-Sustri soil (C) Chestnut-Sustri soil (D) Bangr-Asristri soil (Answer: D)

21. Choosing the right side of the Sirocco storm Kijia-
(A) from the Mediterranean resort (B) USA North (C) west of the resort (D) Adriatic Sea, Italy (North: A)

22. Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
(A) Bruthy (B) moisture (C) insect (D) rodent (Rodents) (Answer: B)

23. Many Trinon Because leaves are able to fold and Anvlit
(A) their Mdhyragi (mesophyll) are not differentiated in the circle and spongy Perenkaima (B) on both sides of the leaves they would Stometa
(C) has a high level of silica (D) They are special Avrdh Twkkoshikaaa (Answer: D)

24. pleuro whose cover?
(A) lung (B) liver (C) kidney (D) heart (Answer: A)

25. Which of the following is a Anddastni?
(A) Sloth (B) Btkchonc (duck-billed) Platypus (C) kangaroo (D) SOP (Pandikoku) (Answer: B)

26. The nuclear reactor used Vimndk is-
(A) uranium (B) radio (C) aqua (D) graphite (Answer: D)

27. Jb- solar eclipse occurs
(A) on the line joining the sun and the earth, the moon is not located (B) the sun and the moon comes between the earth
(C) the moon comes between the earth and the sun (D) Earth comes between the moon and the sun (the answer: B)

28. Data Logic input / output controller called a factor is-
(A) General buffering (B) zero buffering (C) buffering (D) Data buffering (Answer: D)

29. BIOS extension of what?
(A) of the Internal Besi output system (B) Basic Intra Operating System
(C) Basic internal organ systems (D) Vesik Inpua output system (Answer: D)

30. Which device for converting solar energy into electricity is used?
(A) light-Voltaic cell (B) Denyl cell (C) Ilektrokemicl cell (D) Galvaini cell (Answer: A)

31. What are the types of frog kidney?
(A) mesonephros (B) Pshcvrikk (C) Adivrikk (D) Prakwrikk (Answer: A)

32. spinning neutron star which is known?
(A) White Dwarf (B) black hole (C) pulsar (D) quasar (Answer: C)

33. What is the unit of light?
(A) light (B) Section (C) Distance (D) Time (Answer: C)

34. Generally, to be used to set broken bones 'plaster of Paris' What is the chemical name?
(A) calcium Naitet (B) calcium sulfate (C) calcium carbonate (D) calcium chloride (Answer: B)

35. In our country 'One Festival' Day is celebrated?
(A) 10 August (B) 1 July (C) 2 October (D) 1 December (Answer: B)

36. The drug quinine is derived from whom?
(A) cinchona plant (B) Money Plant (C) to plant eucalyptus (D) aconite plant (Answer: A)

37. Which tool for testing the acidity of the aqueous Vieln is used?
(A) pH meter (B) Ammeter (C) hygrometers (D) Aesidmitr (Answer: A)

38. Hutti gold mines are located in which state?
(A) Karnataka (B) TN (C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Maharashtra (Answer: A)

39. In August 2013, for world peace 'Mahathyr Award' Who was the first person to receive?
(A) Mlala Usufji (B) John Boahnr (C) Howard Stern (D) Nelson Mandela (Answer: D)

40. What process plants reproduce?
(A) pollination (B) condensation (C) food (D) Washpn (Answer: A)

41. Which river is the largest agricultural sector benefits?
(A) Ganga (B) Sarayu (C) Godavari (D) Krishna (Answer: A)

42. August 2013, who won the International Children's Peace Prize?
(A) Mlala Usufji (B) Angela Merkel (C) APJ Abdul Kalam (D) Silvio Berluskoni (Answer: A)

43. Who is the current president of Pakistan?
(A) Asif Ali Zardari (B) Nawaz Sharif (C) Raza Rabbani (D) Mamnun Hussain (Answer: D)

44. Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for 2013 was whose statement?
(A) Amjad Ali Khan (B) Goutam Ghose (C) Ashif Khan (D) Muzaffar Ali (Answer: A)

45. September 10, 2013 the International Olympic Committee who (IOC) was elected president of the ninth?
(A) Thomas Bach (B) Ching-Kuo-Wu (C) Srji Bubka (D) Richard Karian (Answer: A)

46. Commonwealth Chess Championship in 2013, the grandmaster who is the winner?
(A) Koneru Humpy (B) Magnus Carlsen (C) Gupta (D) Viswanathan Anand (Answer: C)

47. In 2013, for cultural Samjasy Tagore who was selected for the award?
(A) Kiran Bedi (B) Chetan Anand (C) verbally Mehta (D) Anita Desai (Answer: C)

48. In 2013, the US Lawn Tennis Who won the Open Men's Singles?
(A) Andy Murray (B) Roger Federer (C) Rafael Nadal (D) Novak Djokovic (Answer: C)

49. The date of the Council 'Marriage Act' '(Amendment) Bill 2012 was passed?
(A) 18 August, 2013 (B) 5 August, 2013 (C) 26 August, 2013 (D) 23 August, 2013 (Answer: C)

50. Which of the following specific defense first Indian satellite was successfully launched on August 29, 2013?
(A) GSAT-7 (B) MIG-47 (C) GSET-4 (D) GSAT-6 (Answer: A)

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SSC Constable & Rifleman Recruitment

The Staff Selection Commission will conduct an open examination for recruitment to the posts of Constable (GD) in BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB, NIA and SSF and Rifleman in Assam Rifles as per the Recruitment Scheme formulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs and as per the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Staff Selection Commission.

Force Details:
1. BSF: 22517 Posts
2. CISF: 5000 Posts
3. CRPF: 24588 Posts
4. SSB: 6224 Posts
5. ITBP: 3101 Posts
6. AR: 600 Posts
7. NIA: 86 Posts
8. SSF: 274 Posts
Total No. of Posts: 62390

Qualifications (as on 01.08.2015): Matriculation or Xth class pass from a recognized board/ university.

Age Limits: 18 - 23 years as on 01.08.2015. Candidates should not have been born earlier than 02.08.1992 and not later than 01.08.1997.

Pay Scale: Pay Band – I, Rs. 5200 - 20200 + Grade Pay Rs. 2000.

Recruitment process: The recruitment process will consist of Physical Standards Test, Physical Efficiency Test, Written Examination and Medical Examination.

Written Examination: The Commission will conduct written examination of candidates qualified in PST/ PET in both online and off-line mode. The candidates will have to opt for On-line or Off-line mode of Examination in the application form. Though the Commission will endeavour to accommodate the candidates in centres opted by him/ her, it may combine the centres or divert the candidates to other centres, depending on administrative convenience. The written examination will consist of one objective type paper containing 100 questions carrying 100 marks.

Mode of Payment: The candidates submitting their applications on-line should pay the requisite fee only through State Bank of India either in the form of challan or online payment through SBI Challan/ Net Banking/ Credit and Debit cards.

Written Examination: 04.10.2015.

Closing Date: 
On-line application: 23.02.2015.
Off-line application: 23.02.2015.

Online Application:

Notification Details Click Here


Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Karnataka Kerala Region (KKR), Bangalore, invite application for the following  posts in various Ministries/ Offices of the Government of India :

  1. Senior  Radio  Technician  : 01 post  (UR) in Directorate of Lighthouses and Lightships, M/o Shipping, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300 - 34800 grade pay Rs.4200/-
  2. Research Assistant (Environment) : 08 posts (UR-04, OBC-1, SC-2, ST-1) in M/o Environment , Forests & Climate change, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300 - 34800 grade pay Rs.4200/-
  3. Technical Assistant : 01 post (UR-1) in Dte. of Cashewnut & Cocoa Development, M/o Agriculture, Pay Scale : Rs. 5200-20200 grade pay Rs.2800/-
  4. Technical Officer: 01 post (UR-1) in D/o Cashewnut & Cocoa Development, M/o Agriculture, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300 - 34800 grade pay Rs.4200/-
How to Apply : Application in prescribed format should be sent in an envelope superscribed with bold letters as "Application for the posts of .................... " on or before13/02/2015 to  The Regional Director (KKR), Staff Selection Commission, 1st Floor, E Wing,  Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bangalore -  560034.

For further details and application form, please view

Sunday, December 14, 2014

SSC KKR Recruitment for 38 Various Posts

Staff Selection Commission Karnataka Kerala Region (SSCKKR) invited application for recruitment of 38 various posts. The candidates eligible for the post can apply through prescribed format before 09 January 2015. 

Details of Posts

• Senior Technical Assistant: 32 Posts
• Assistant Epigraphist: 01 Post
• Data Entry Operator: 02 Posts
• Technical Clerk (Economics): 03 Posts 

Pay Scale

• Senior Technical Assistant: Rs 9300-34800 + Grade Pay of Rs 4200/-
• Assistant Epigraphist: Rs 9300-34800 + Grade Pay of Rs 4200/-
• Data Entry Operator: Rs 5200-20200 + Grade Pay of Rs 2800/-
• Technical Clerk (Economics): Rs 5200-20200 + Grade Pay of Rs 2400/-

Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualification

• Senior Technical Assistant:  Diploma in Civil Engineering from a recognized University or Institute
• Assistant Epigraphist: Master’s Degree in Tamil/Malayalam/Telegu/Kannada with Ancient Indian History as subject at Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent.
• Data Entry Operator: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
• Technical Clerk (Economics): Senior Secondary School pass

Age Limit

• Senior Technical Assistant: 30 years
• Assistant Epigraphist: 30 years
• Data Entry Operator: 18-25 years
• Technical Clerk (Economics): 18-27 years 

Important Dates

• Opening Date for Registration: 13 December 2014
• Closing Date for Registration: 09 January 2015

For Detailed Notification Click Here

Monday, November 17, 2014

SSC Karnataka-Kerala Region (KKR) Notified Recruitment for 63 Various Posts

Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Karnataka-Kerala Region (KKR) has invited application for recruitment to various posts of Data Processing Assistant, Assistant Drug Inspector, Junior Technical Assistant and Data Entry Operator. The candidates eligible for the post can apply through prescribed format before 12 December 2014.
Important Date
  • Opening Date for Registration: 15 November 2014
  • Closing Date for Registration: 12 December 2014
Details of Post
Total Number of the Post: 63
  • Data Processing Assistant: 06 (04-UR, 01-OBC, 01-SC)
  • Assistant Drugs Inspector: 50 (25-UR, 13-OBC, 08-SC, 04-ST)
  • Junior Technical Assistant: 01 (01-OBC)
  • Data Entry Operator: 06 (04-UR, 01-OBC, 01-ST)
Pay Scale
  • Data Processing Assistant: Rs. 9300-34800+Grade pay Rs. 4600
  • Assistant Drugs Inspector: Rs. 9300-34800+Grade pay Rs. 4200
  • Junior Technical Assistant: Rs. 9300-34800+Grade pay Rs. 4200
  • Data Entry Operator: Rs. 5200-20200+ Grade pay Rs 2800
Eligibility Criteria
Educational Qualification
  • Data Processing Assistant Masters in (Computer Applications/CS)/MTech (Computer Applications)/BE/BTech (IT/Computer Engineering/ Computer Science /Computer Technology) OR BE/BTech in Electronics/Electronics and Communication with 02 years of experience in electronic data processing work OR Bachelors Degree (Computer Applications/ Computer Science /IT/Electronics) with 02 years of experience in electronic data processing work OR “A” level diploma (DOEACC Programme/ PG Diploma in Computer Applications/Computer System and Management or Information System and Application/ Computer Science /Computer Technology/IT/Electronics/Electronics and Communication/Post Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Applications/ Computer System and Management or Information System and Application/ Computer Science/ Computer Technology/IT/Electronics/Electronics and Communication with 03 years of experience in electronic data processing work.
  • Assistant Drugs Inspector Degree in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Sciences/Medicine with specialization in clinical pharmacology/ microbiology.
  • Junior Technical Assistant: Certificate in Forest Rangers Course/Graduate in Science/Computer Science.
  • Data Entry Operator: Graduate in Mathematics/ Mathematical Statistics/ Computer Science. Candidate must possess a typing speed of not less than 8000 key depressions per hour.
Age Limit
  • Data Processing Assistant: Below 30 years
  • Assistant Drugs Inspector: Below 30 years
  • Junior Technical Assistant: Below 28 years
  • Data Entry Operator: Below 25 years
Selection Procedure
Candidates fulfilling the prescribed qualifications will be shortlisted through a screening test at the discretion of the Commission. Shortlisted candidates will undergo a written test, and then a personal interview (if qualified in written test).
How to Apply
Eligible candidates can download the application form by clicking on the official site of Candidates are required to submit their applications in the prescribed format to The Regional Director (KKR), Staff Selection Commission, 1st Floor, “E” Wing, Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560034.

Monday, November 3, 2014



SSC Southern Region (SSCSR) has issued notification for the recruitment of Junior Technical Assistant (JTA), Quarantine Inspector, Research Assistant and other vacancies. Post Details:

1. Junior Technical Assistant : 05 Posts
Qualification: Degree in Commerce or Economics or Degree in Law.

2. Quarantine Inspector : 01 Post
Qualification: Bachelor of Science with Zoology or Microbiology as one of the essential subjects.

3. Research Assistant : 01 Post
Qualification: Master’s Degree in relevant specialty.

4. Assistant Programmer : 09 Posts
Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering/ Technology in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Computer Technology or Master’s Degree in Computer Application or Computer Science or Master of Technology with specialization in Computer Application.

5. Assistant Epigraphist : 02 Posts
Qualification: Master’s degree in Tamil/ Malayalam/ Telugu/ Kannada/ History with Ancient Indian History as a subject at Bachelor’s degree level.

6. Artist Grade II : 01 Post
Qualification: Matriculation, Diploma.

7. Sales Assistant : 03 Posts
Qualification: Intermediate.

How to Apply: Candidates can send their applications in prescribed format along with self attested copies of certificates. etc addressed to The Regional Director (SR), Staff Selection Commission, 2nd Floor, EVK Sampath Building, DPI Campus, College Road, Chennai.
Last Date for Submission of Applications: 24.11.2014.

For Notification Details Click Here

Monday, October 20, 2014

Staff Selection Commission (NWR) Recruitment of Various Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts.
  1. Sr. Library & Information Assistant: 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Degree of a recognised University or equivalent. ii). Bachelors Degree or equivalent diploma in Lib. Science of a recognised University/ Institute or equivalent. iii). Professional experience in a Library of Standing or ‘Certificate in computer applications from a recognised Institute.
  2. Sr. Technical Assistant (Hydrometeorology): 01 Post
    Qualification: Postgraduate Degree in Meteorology/ Physics/ Applied Physics/ Geophysics/ Mathematics/ Statistics.
  3. Sr. Technical Assistant (Geophysics): 03 Posts
    Qualification: Masters Degree in Geophysics or Applied Geophysics from a recognised University.
  4. Sr. Technical Assistant (Chemical): 02 Posts
    Qualification: Masters Degree in Chemistry or Agricultural Chemistry or Soil Science from a recognised University.
  5. Investigator Gr.-II: 40 Posts
    Qualifications: i). Bachelors Degree with Statistics or Mathematics or Economics or Commerce as one of the subjects from a recognised University. ii). Certificate/ Diploma Course in Computer Operation or Software from a recognised Institution.
Fee: Rs. 50/-. No fee for Woman candidates, Physically Handicapped, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Ex-S.

How to Apply: The completed application in the prescribed format along with all relevant documents should reach the Deputy Regional Director (NWR), Staff Selection Commission, Block No. 3, Kendriya Sadan, Sector-9, Chandigarh-160017.

Last Date: 15-Nov-2014

For more details, please visit:

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Staff Selection Commission Northern Region (SSCNR) Recruitment of Various Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts.
  1. Speech Therapist: 03 Posts
    Qualifications: i). Passed 10+2 from recognised Central Board or State Board. ii). Diploma in Speech Therapy from recognised Institute. iii). Two years experience in dealing with speech defects in a Medical College or University or Clinic or, i). Bachelors Degree from a recognised University in Audiology and Speech language Pathology. ii). One year experience from recognised Institute in dealing with speech defects in a Medical College or University or Clinic.
  2. Research Assistant: 02 Posts
    Qualifications: i). Masters Degree in History from a recognised university or equivalent; and. ii). Two years research experience in the field of History.
  3. Evaluator: 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Masters Degree in Hindi with English as a subject of study at Degree Level from a recognised University or equivalent; Or Masters Degree in Linguistics with Hindi with English as a subject of study at Degree Level from a recognised University or equivalent concerned at the degree level. ii). At least 2 years experience of teaching Hindi as a second language.
  4. Security Assistant: 01 Post
    Qualification: i). Graduate from a recognised University or equivalent; and ii). Experience of handling Security/Sanitary arrangements of big building.
  5. Senior Library and Information Assistant: 05 Posts
    Qualifications: i). Bachelors Degree from a recognised university; ii). Bachelors Degree in Library Science from a recognised university; and iii). Two years experience in a public or Institutional Library. Or Certificate in Computer Applications from a recognised institute.
  6. Security Supervisor: 02 Posts
    Qualifications: i). Bachelors Degree from a recognised University; and ii). Three years experience of supervising Security or Fire fighting work in Govt. or recognised Organizations.
  7. Zoo-Ranger: 02 Posts
    Qualifications: i). B.Sc. Degree in Zoology from a recognised University or equivalent; and ii). Two years experience in looking after wildlife in Zoos/ Sanctuaries.
  8. Youth Assistant Grade-II: 08 Posts
    Qualifications: i). Degree from a recognised University or equivalent; and ii). At least 02 years experience of organizing Programmes relating to Youth Work or Youth Welfare.
  9. Accounts Clerk: 01 Post
    Qualifications: Matriculation or equivalent; and Experience of not less than 3 years in Government accounts and payment work.
  10. Farm Assistant: 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Pass in 12th Class or equivalent qualification from a recognised Board or Institute. ii). Certificate course or training in Agriculture from a recognised Institute; and iii). One years experience of work at an Agriculture Farm. Or B.Sc. in Agriculture.
  11. Reprographic Assistant: 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Matriculation or equivalent from a recognised Board/ University /Institute; and ii). Diploma/ Certificate in Photography or Reprography from a recognised institute.
  12. Calligraphist (Jr.): 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Matriculation or equivalent from a recognised Board. ii). Experience of calligraphy work preferably in a Newspaper; and iii). Ability to transcribe on stencil paper with a speed of at least 20 words per minutes.
  13. Junior Chemist: 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Masters Degree in Chemistry or Dairy Chemistry or Oil Technology or Food Technology from a recognised University. ii). Bachelor of Science Degree with Chemistry as one of the subjects or Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Chemistry from a recognised University or equivalent and with two years experience in analytical work.
  14. Sanitary Inspector: 01 Post
    Qualifications: i). Matriculation or equivalent qualification from a recognised university or Board. ii). should have passed Sanitary Inspector Course or possess equivalent qualifications from a recognised institution.
Fee: Rs. 50/-. No fee for SC, ST, PH, Ex-Serviceman and Female candidates.

How to Apply: The completed application in the prescribed format along with all relevant documents should reach the Regional Director (NR), Staff Selection Commission, Block No.12, Lodhi Road, CGO Complex, New Delhi – 110504.

Last Date: 31-Oct-2014

For more details, please visit: